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sg, an online travel agent with the largest selection of the lowest airfares anywhere in the world, including 100,000 that you won’t find anywhere else, has put together this article on the cowboys of Bali, so you can find out more about them. Kuta, the main town on the Indonesian island of Bali, is the party hub. The cowboys, fit, with 6 pack abs that they proudly expose to the world, fake Ray-Bans and broad, white toothed smiles, stroll through the beach casually, chatting up girls here and there.

Most of them give surfing lessons and for a little bit more cash, or gifts, they also give a little bit more.

I think in an era when the romance is almost dead, when we rely on mobile applications to find a partner, when we don’t talk to each other much anymore and when we are too busy to make time for anything romantic, getting a love letter, or flowers, watching a sunset together, or holding hands during a candlelit dinner, is something that modern women will fall for.

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Women bali dating

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We had spent that day escaping the Sunday karaoke by visiting a secluded river elsewhere in the jungle and napping in a tiny open-air tree house above the water. How silly that assumption had been.“I really like you,” he said.

Perplexed, as I had honestly napped most of the day while he was off swimming, I asked how he could possibly like someone he barely knew.“I like Western girls,” was his response.

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This marks the seventh consecutive year DDI has made the list.I told him it was time to go back to the song circle and shortly thereafter called it a night, heading back, solo, to my room.Then there was the guy who gave me a lift on his motorbike.‘I have never felt so appreciated in my life’ says Lucy from Singapore ‘I have been coming here for a long time. I think western men should learn a lot from Balinese boys’. The boy I met last year bought me flowers and even wrote me a love letter.Flights to Bali from Singapore are cheap, so I use every holiday to come here and to meet old and new lovers’ told me one middle aged woman I met in a bar on the beach.He sat right in front of me, parked so close that there could be no misunderstanding.


  1. The entire shemale star model that joined us is here to spend a good time with each other as well as with their admirers.

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