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And in Africa, the acquisition market is in the early stages.""There's a small equity investment market in Africa," he said.

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One of his ventures is using elements of MCED's Top Gun program in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mainebiz caught up with Gooding over the holidays at Beth's Kitchen Cafe in Bridgton to hear about one of his latest ventures, which will use elements of MCED's Top Gun entrepreneurship acceleration program in Sub-Saharan Africa in countries including South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Senegal.

The project, called "XL Africa," is in its infancy, said Gooding.

He describes it as an accelerator for later stage companies that have traction in their home market and are trying to figure out how to grow in new markets. However, Gooding readily acknowledges he has a lot to learn about doing business in Africa, where there are multiple religions, some of which do not allow interest on loans, and almost a dozen official languages. Gooding is collaborating with Stephen Koltai, a Lincolnville- and Washington, D.

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A fairer valuation would average the two – implying an 11.3% margin, which deserves a 1.125 Price/Sales ratio (noting the company’s superior cash generation).

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