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I received an error message of expired SSL/TLS certificate when logging in to my Webmin server.I am using Let’s Encrypt to manage and automatically renew my TLS certificates.Jun 24 banshee systemd[1]: webmin.service: Unit entered failed state. ) If using sendmail then u need to create a file /etc/sasl2/containing only one line: (and also have saslauthd server running) pwcheck_method:saslauthd Please ask further questions in "Arch" or "webmin" forums.

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Maybe it's possible to tell it not to use bash but just to run apt-get itself as an executable binary. create a script somewhere on the system, like /root, called "system-update.sh," and tell it to call apt-get: sudo -s cd /root echo 'apt-get -y upgrade' rather than, say root, the cron job prompts me for my password three times and then the job fails.

I've looked around for how to pass or embed (probably a bad idea) my password into the cron job, but haven't found a viable solution. Is there a reason you can't just specify 'root' as the user for the cron job in question?

If you want, append pytheas22's command with a -y to automatically agree, and start the update.

Be warned, if your file is set to many different repositories, then you may upgrade your entire system and break things.

Any idea how to pass your user password in a cron job? When it asks you for your password, it's so that it can run the upgrade command as root--so essentially, the cron job will be run as root either way.

The simplest solution in this situation would just be to specify the user as root to begin with.

My suggestion would be to only do this for security upgrades.

I think that's because webmin always wants to use bash (sh) to run cronjobs.

Just an FYI, the 1.78 Webmin defaults to a new web-based file manager.

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