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It also resembles the NASA Space Shuttles in profile view.Based on this and evidence of toes on the foot worked to relative anatomical accuracy led Arkfeld to this astute interpretation.

This has to be done slowly and painstakingly, and the archaeologists will record and preserve anything found at every stage and depth (for example paint flakes, hair, clothing or DNA) as it may be vital evidence.

The colour and state of the soil may be useful in the investigation.

The Marine Aggregate Industry Archaeological Protocol encourages the reporting and recording of maritime archaeological finds discovered by the aggregate industry during dredging works.

The discoveries that come to light form a database of maritime archaeological finds that otherwise may have been discarded as waste material, and the records of these discoveries are shared with local and national archaeological curators, making them accessible to everyone.

It is important to preserve our heritage for future generations.

Our heritage services team provides a specialist archaeological information and advisory service, covering such topics as consultancy and advice, excavations and surveys and local information.

However, the presence of reworked fragments of peat is certainly suggestive that the material has eroded out of a peat layer.

If we assume that the material is broadly contemporary then a submerged terrestrial land surface, probably of early Mesolithic date (c.

The struck flint was identified as man made by Matt Leivers, a flint specialist here at Wessex Archaeology.

The nature of the recovery of the remains means that it is not possible to guarantee that all the items are contemporary.

The county boasts an enviable archaeological legacy, from prehistoric times through to military remains of the 20th century, all of which shape the towns and villages we live in today.

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