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With this in mind, it’s important that parents are aware of the vulnerability of their teens and act accordingly.

One of the most interesting substance abuse charts and graphs that is relevant to teenagers is this graph about gateway drugs – that is the drug that teens are most likely to try first.

Youths aged between 12 and 17 abused drugs the most, with reports suggesting that 60.6% were dependent on or abused drugs.

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The practice of Religion also leads to a reduction in the incidence of domestic abuse, crime, substance abuse, and addiction.

In addition, religious practice leads to an increase in physical and mental health, longevity, and education attainment.

The most common […]Filed Under: Abuse, Addiction, Anxiety Disorder, Articles, Boot Camp, Bullying, Depression, Drinking, Eating Disorders, Education, Help for Parents, Interventions, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Parenting Tips & Resources, Self Esteem, Self Harming, Sex, Smoking, Stress, Suicide, Teen Behavior, Teen Help Centers, Teen Issues, Violence Despite how safe you might believe your child’s school to be, there is research that suggest that school violence percentages are high and continue to rise.

Studies have shown that about 45% of students admit to being victimized by one of their peers while the other percentage has witnessed peer victimization.

Healthcare providers often put off antiretroviral therapy for HIV patients who inject drugs--even those with high levels of infection.

A new study shows the surprising scope of this treatment disparity in North America.

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Are you concerned that your teen might be abusing drugs?

This infographic explores e-cigarette use among teens, including usage rates compared with cigarette use, potential for e-cig use to lead to smoking, and what teens say is in their e-cig, as well as avenues for teens’ exposure to e-cig advertising.

This infographic shows differences in substance use trends between women and men for marijuana use disorder, abuse of prescription pain medicines, treatment admissions for sleeping aid misuse, and nicotine cessation.

Adults aged 26 or older reported that only 24.3% abused or were dependent on drugs.


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