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The table was made of grate material meaning you could see through it.

I was all dolled up in a dress showing my ample cleavage with cute hot pink high heels.

Both of my men were dressed in casual short sleeve button ups and khaki shorts.

The evening was pleasant and the margaritas flowed.

* Harold Langton stood at the door of the back bedroom of his house admiring his beautiful wife, Dawn.

At 33 years old Dawn was still the most beautiful lady he knew. She had long dark hair that spilled over the pillow, her sweet pixie face at rest, the beautiful brown eyes were closed but Harold could imagine the look of unqualified love from them gazing into his. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. "This is so boring," I say as I surf through video after video finding nothing of interest. " "Honestly, just casual sex if you are interested? It seems like this day would never come, but here I am in a bathrobe and red lace lingerie. I feel intimidated by him as I'm a 5'7" slim girl with brown hair and eyes. I devour the first couple of inches with ease, although I gag at the suddenness of it. "Suck it good bitch." I start by gripping it by the shaft and licking it from bottom to tip. " "Hmm, how about the motel on Fake Street at eight pm Friday night. I decide to get ready for bed as I begin thinking of the fun I'm going to have in three days time. "Well let's not waste any time then because right now I want you to suck me you little whore," he says with a tone that verges on frightening. " I say as I start to take off my bathrobe to reveal what's underneath. "Gosh your profile wasn't joking when it said you had a eight inch dick." "Soon to be down your throat," he says back with evil laugh. I will see you there." "My plan is in motion," I say to myself as I close my laptop. "Yes bitch, I want your mouth to work on my cock." "Mmm, you want to fuck my tight throat dont you? "You want your hand pulling my hair as you cum down my throat? "Oh god I'm gonna enjoy this you little slut," he replies as his cock springs free and narrowly misses hitting me straight in the face.The small talk became flirtatious talk as the tequila relaxed my inhibitions. My brushes with Ian's handsome calves become more and more frequent to the point where he's so flustered he can't even finish his sentences.


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