Spot dating archaeology

(den-droh-cruh-NOL-uh-gee) means “the study of tree time.” Usually called tree-ring dating, dendrochronology is a science based on the fact that every growth season a tree adds a new layer of wood to its trunk.

Quartz is extremely common at archaeological sites and is used in tools and well as statues, bowls and ceramics.

The new technique is similar to one currently used to date obsidian, a type of volcanic glass.

Post-excavation services can assist in the completion of planning-led, development-initiated and research-based projects.

This service is also offered to other archaeological contracts requiring specialist advice.

The technique relies on the absorption of water into a freshly cut surface of the mineral, forming a rim of hydrated quartz.

The thickness of the rim reveals how long the surface has been exposed.By separating a site into basic, discrete units, archaeologists are able to create a chronology for activity on a site and not only describe it, but allow for its interpretation as well.Artifacts can come from many different sources such as: Most grave goods recovered by archaeologists consist of inorganic objects such as pottery, stone, and metal tools, but there is evidence that already decayed organic objects were also placed in ancient tombs.Their beauty, rarity, and history unlock the secrets of their ancient owners.In archaeology it is not only the physical location of a discovery that holds significance, but the context (or setting) as well.And an archaeological context does not only refer to a geographical place, it can also be an event in time which has been preserved in the archaeological record.


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