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In a quick chat with , Kheny says she has always loved the thought of "giving young people the best start in life" and that's why she took up education.

Crouse has been put on administrative leave.“To the (school) district’s knowledge, no Collins-Maxwell student was harmed in relation to the allegations which gave rise to Mr. "The district takes these allegations very seriously, and Mr.

are scrambling for their old school uniforms after running into a lovely female instructor online.

The Iowa High School Athletic Association website listed him as a boys' golf coach as well on Friday.

No students were harmed by Crouse, said Collins-Maxwell superintendent Ottie Maxey, in a statement.

SEE ALSO: North Korean defectors open up about the brutal, unfair treatment against women in North Korea "I come to think that I made a good decision in becoming a teacher when I see students grow in a good direction after listening to me", said Lee Min Gyu.

In the interview, he also revealed that he's currently single and shared how he enjoys traveling during the school breaks.

Lee Min Gyu is becoming a viral topic after photos of him spread online.

It's also revealed that he has been featured in the August issue of fashion magazine 'Cosmopolitan', where he talked about his job as a teacher, dating, and more.

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