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I think Teenchat is a great place to meet people and have some conversations about a range of topics. I've been coming on here for about a year and I'm hooked, come on who wouldn't be?! And who can forget all the new awesome frendz u can make!

Keep up the work, Dan.=)This site is awesome, I've been coming to these free chat rooms for at least 3 years, and it's changed a lot.

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It's gotten a lot better, more and more people to meet.

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I've been here for a little too long, but I've enjoyed my time none the less. But this website has always given me something to do, when I am bored!

Made a lot of great friends in TPC, even met a few of them offline. I've been coming on here for awhile and it never gets boring, and it's good that i can come on here and meet and talk with the same sorta people as me!!! x Ox I've been coming here for about 3 years now. And trust me, things never getting boring in these rooms!!!

babe.anita4u: hey hunk Ramu Raj: hiiiiiiiii Ramu Raj: how r u dear??


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