Sccm update distribution point not updating

On the second row I use a trick to return the result in an array, that is what the @() is all about.

I don’t want to be blamed that content gets removed from your distribution point while you are cleaning things up. Removing content from a distribution point while initially deployed to a distribution point group is evil! If you remove a distribution point from a distribution point group, the content stays on the distribution point.

In order to test the behavior of distributing content to primary I created several scenario’s in my Config Mgr lab environment.

My personal preference is to define distribution groups, and always distribute content to distribution groups.

The main advantage of this is, that when you add a new distribution group in your hierarchy, you simply add the distribution point to the already existing distribution point group and it will be filled with the content defined for the distribution point group. Either distribute all content to all distribution points, or at least be consistent to always distribute to distribution point groups instead of distribution points.

In large environments, inconsistent distribution of content can lead to distribution points which are not aligned to each other, while you intended them to be because you grouped them in a Distribution Point group. If you have the possibility to do so, use RBAC to restrict access to distribution points while giving access to the distribution point groups 2.

If an application is retired, it stays on the distribution point, but you can’t distribute it anymore (leaving compliance in monitoring less than 100%) so if you expire an application remember to remove it from the distribution point groups. Make sure you understand how this works before you start cleaning up the mess, read this blogpost in order to understand the scenario’s.After some more digging on MSDN I found the WMI class SMS_Distribution Point Info which can be used to retrieve the Name and the Server NALPath for a distribution point. So for starters, get the Distribution Point info: $Query = "Select NALPath, Name From SMS_Distribution Point Info Where Server Name Like '%$Dist Point%'" $Distribution Point = @(Get-Wmi Object -Namespace "root SMSSite_$Site Code" -Query $Query) $Server Nal Path = $Distribution Point.NALPath On the first row I use the operator ‘Like’ which in WQL supports wildcarding by using “%” and regex-like syntax (more on that to come).Clients must able to reach them to install applications, packages, software updates and operating systems.If you plan to install new distribution points in your organization, refer to our distribution point installation guide in Configuration Manager 2012.Each time the upgrade installs it resets my speech language to “English (United States)” which means Cortana stops working as my Region is set to “Australia” I also use Config Mgr to handle updates on my network (this would also apply for people using WSUS) so when I go into the Region & language settings I don’t get the Speech feature appearing under the “English (Australia)” options. I recently experienced an issue with a very large number of Config Mgr 2007 package updates (400) to a large number of sites (1700).


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