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Flair admitted fighting with the boyfriend but he didn't want to press charges, Gunter said.Gunter refused to give the boyfriend's name because he was not charged."He was kind of elusive," Gunter said of Flair. Officers said he had a 'no problems here' kind of attitude.Charlotte Flair Husband, Dating Information Charlotte Flair has quickly become one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling.

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There are some rumors that the two split up last May but there were no formal confirmation yet.

A lady named Ashley Allen posted several photos of her and Bram in her Twitter account.

Jim Cornette, a colorful wrestling personality in his own right, has hypothesized that Flair is from Mars, because while his fellow carousers could barely see when morning came around, Flair would be dancing around in his three-piece suit like he’d gone to bed at sundown with a glass of Ovaltine.

Cornette has also pointed out that Flair had better conditioning than guys 15 years younger than him who didn’t drink every night.

He just happens to have a knack for flamboyant outfits better suited for female pop stars in their early 30s then, well, dudes.

Nothing personal, as his next tweet surely made clear.He can be seen on the scoreboard for the Carolina Hurricanes shooting his famous phrase after a Carolina goal is scored.Ric Flair was leaving Laguardia when TMZ asked him about the staunch denial from Halle Berry’s camp after Flair said she “rode Space Mountain” after getting divorced from David Justice in the 1990’s.I’m taking a slightly different approach with Awesome Men Throughout History this week, because I know that the lifestyle of our subject—professional wrestler “Nature Boy” Ric Flair—has taken a heavy toll on his physical and financial health.In fact, put up a feature article chronicling Flair’s lifetime of bad decisions, many of which are the result of him being unable to put his partying playboy ways behind him and act like a responsible adult.However, Flair was the undisputed King of Partiers in his prime, a man who could drink until 4 in the morning and wrestle an hour the next night before doing it all again, and that’s what I want to focus on this week. Flair’s probably had more fun blacked out drunk than you’ve had in your entire life.

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