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I had churchur (worry) about tooth damage for a while. Slowly my friend opened the topic of interest: “Come on, listen to me” he did gusgus (whisper) into my ears – “marriage date fixed, it is on 4th Sunday, and you are my do DDo” (one who sits besides bridegroom in the mantap until bride joins - a sort of a best man). It was pichipichi (soft), and I felt the gu Ligu Li (globules) in my mouth, but it was very tasty. The Ku Tku Ti (hefty orwell built) bridegroom, my friend Gulgule had selected a sa Tsa Ti (brisk) walking bride. Sa Tsa Ti hoom galgalthaa (was sweating profusely).

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In a predominantly Anglicized-Westernized artistic community, his mastery of folk songs and indigenous theatrical elements, and understanding of the rural polyphony make him stand apart.

The majority of Naik's structurally melodramatic plays focus on problems in Goan society, especially of the lower classes.

She will be back to her normal gulguli (plumpy) shape within a month after marriage.” But then, it is called a sign of progress, happiness, and prosperity.

It is a story based in a Goa wrecked by rampant mining.

In 1984 he chose to freelance as a writer and now lives on a farm in Goa.

Although he has handled several genres, his pioneering contribution to Konkani theatre is the most significant.

She is dieting, eats thode thode (little quantity at a time).

This is all to get into a great shape, before the marriage.” I thought “All this will be short lived.

As I entered Gulgule’s home, a ghamgham aroma of freshly prepared coffee welcomed me.

Then a bowl full of hunihuni chakkuli straight from the frying pan, arrived. If first one was nurnuri (crispy), the second one was kurkuri (crunchy), and the third one was ka Tka Ti (hard nut) that I felt my teeth would break off.

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