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I'd shoot her a different way and suddenly she'd get through right away. For example, if we shot a girl who rode horses competitively, we wanted to do a horse-type shoot, so we'd do it in the fall somewhere sunny at a ranch. From time to time, we'd shoot someone with implants and maybe they didn't look that big in person, but they shot really big on camera, so we had to change the way she posed, the way you light and the way you retouch them. On a typical shoot, probably 1,500 to 2,500 images.

That's how we pick a theme — it's kind of based loosely on the girl's personality or experiences. By the time they're shooting the centerfold, they're pretty comfortable. Listen, we've been known to grab a bottle of wine here or there if it makes the girl feel more comfortable. That definitely changed a lot and we wanted to make the girls look a little more natural. I pick my top 200 and I give those to the art director, and he picks three separate layouts from there, and those three separate layouts all go to Hef and he'll pick A, B, or C.

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