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Quite what those sins might be it is hard to imagine. She doesn’t drink, abhors drugs and has never had sex.More than that, she is a senior female figure in Opus Dei, one of the most controversial forces in the Roman Catholic church.The fire crackles in the fireplace during a heated conversation about a battle dating from ancient times.

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Couples in Love: Straight Talk on Dating, Respect, Commitment, Marriage, and Sexuality by John R.

Waiss Crossroad Publishing Company, November 2003, paperback, 224 pages Related Articles Catholic Book Club Additional Catholic Book Spotlights With his newest book Couples in Love: Straight Talk on Dating, Respect, Commitment, Marriage, and Sexuality (Crossroad Publishing Company, November 2003, paperback, 224 pages), author John R.

Catherine of Siena Parish, "a favorite of Opus Dei," the says.

Opus Dei has about 90,000 members, a third of which are "numeraries" who are celibate for life and wear a cilice -- a garter belt with spikes turned toward the skin -- every day.

The project of growth, a growth that is above all “on the inside,”[3] lasts a whole lifetime for each person, and is necessarily a matter of teamwork, all moving “at God’s pace,” spurred forward by his breath in the sails of our soul.

Breathing the same air In a family with a Christian atmosphere, jobs, concerns, successes and failures are all shared.

Importance is given at home to whatever can unite, like fresh air allowing each one to breathe freely, to fill their lungs and develop.

In this effort to strengthen the family atmosphere, everyone is important, even the youngest.

Waiss has provided a valuable primer for committed couples looking to live in conjunction with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church with respect to the theology of the body.

Written in dialogue format, the book covers the many delicate, yet crucial issues that confront young couples in relationships. Waiss introduces Margie (recently returned to practicing her Catholic faith) and Sam (raised Jewish and perplexed by his girlfriend’s refusal to be sexually intimate with him prior to marriage).

"[Romney's] supporters say it is akin to rejecting a Barack Obama because he is black," Santorum wrote for the ' Mark Oppenheimer reports that many prominent conservative Catholics involved in politics send their kids to The Heights School, which is not run by Opus Dei, Oppenheimer reports.


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