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either at one end, or a very exclusive matchmaking service at the other.

Many people don’t seem to even know about the plethora of options in the middle that may actually be more suitable.

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As the industry matures, more clarity will be given to consumers about what types of services are out there, which in turn will enable people to research and select the most suitable option(s) more appropriately, leading to improved experiences and ultimately success in finding a partner.

Once someone has selected their service of choice, how can we, as an industry optimise their experience?

Like its progenitor, most of the sites that followed Match guaranteed anonymity. Online-dating seemed neither novel nor extreme to a generation that grew up online, nurturing social networks and watching each other’s lives play out in a cascade of relationship-status updates and Twitter news feeds. So Mehr and Zadeh launched Zoosk, a third-party dating application for Facebook. If they accept, then you can exchange messages with them and see their news feeds and photos.

You ponied up a picture and a written profile, but you didn’t reveal your actual identity until you wanted to. Zoosk allowed users to transfer their personal information over from Facebook. You nurture your network, chat via Zoosk’s messaging system, date some or all of the people in your network, and perhaps start a relationship.

Compu Date has identified two distinct market segments.

These segments are identified by age, 20-35 year olds and 36-60 year olds.The philosophy realizes that the younger age group is somewhat nervous in using a dating service.For a multitude of reasons, there is the common thought that people of this age group should have no problem meeting people.Choosing the right service is a matching process in itself!There are so many factors to take into consideration: I find that people who are new to the dating world (recently divorced etc.) go straight for one end of the dating industry spectrum i.e.Zoosk, Mehr says, “is for a social life–with dating in mind.” By 2010, Zoosk had shot to the top of the U. rankings of online-dating sites, with nearly 5 million unique visitors. One of its former employees, who spoke to a packed conference room in the afternoon, believes that Match and its kind–i.e.

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