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Click this checkbox and specify the number of minutes that you want Security Plus for MDaemon to wait before checking for new virus signature updates.

Note, this is actually the number of minutes that Security Plus for MDaemon will to wait after the last time you checked for an update, whether the update was triggered by the scheduler or manually.

For this reason we recommend that all MDaemon customers who have a current Security Plus licence key update to version 4.1.5 as soon as possible.

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Mdaemon security plus not updating Free black dating sex sites no card

The scheduler and manually triggered updates are given precedence over this setting and will therefore reset this counter if a Security Plus update event is triggered by one of those other methods.

Thus, for example, if you have this option set to check for updates every 240 minutes and you manually check for an update after 100 minutes, this counter will be reset to 240.

Additional questions can be answered by using the web site Chat Feature in the top right header or by contacting Alt-N Technologies Support.

MDaemon's Security Plus plug-in offers a powerful solution to the growing problem of email-borne viruses by halting viruses on all inbound and outbound email at the server before it's passed on to client PCs.

In addition to the Kaspersky Anti Virus engine, messages are scanned via the Clam AV plugin for Security Plus, adding an additional layer of antivirus protection for all inbound and outbound email traffic.

Recently Alt-N discovered that administrators who set-up MDaemon to save a copy of emails using the multi POP or domain POP service.

Click this checkbox to activate the urgent updates feature.

With this feature enabled, Security Plus for MDaemon will immediately connect to the update location and download the high-priority update whenever MDaemon receives an "Urgent Update" message.

To receive these messages you must add your domain to the Urgent Updates system at

Security Plus for MDaemon complements and extends the built-in security features of the MDaemon Mail Server, providing a shield to stop security trouble before it starts.

If desired, Security Plus can even block inbound messages that are infected without accepting them on the server!

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