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It is noteworthy in being Joe Keenan's first episode produced on the show, after which he became a regular writer and eventually executive producer on the show.It won an award from GLAAD for its lighthearted satire of the various stereotypes surrounding gay men.

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Frasier is unable to conceal his low opinion of Roz's taste in men, and she storms out of the cafe, insulted.

While trying to apologize to her, he explains that he is looking for a man who's not just handsome, but also intelligent and successful.

After realizing the only thing they're good for is killing flies brave enough to land on them, Andy and Barney decide to substitute store-bought for her homemade.

After a series of mishaps, Henry Bennett gets a reputation in town as a jinx.

The more Andy tries to dispel the rumor the deeper the hole gets, until Henry decides it would be best if he left town altogether.

When the awful sound coming from the Mayberry choir is narrowed down to Barney, the members decide they must get rid of him, but no one has the heart to do it.

When the famous musician Bobby Fleet and his band arrive in Mayberry, Andy and Barney scheme to arrest Bobby and his band so that Jim can get an audition.

It's canning time again, and Aunt Bee has put up another batch of pickles.

The state police arrogantly ask Andy and Barney to step aside while they search for an escaped convict in Mayberry, believing that the Mayberry sheriff's department is not capable of doing "real" police work.

Jim Lindsey is a young guitarist that lives in Mayberry.

A former Princess must learn to leave behind the baggage of her royal past to look toward a future. Patti takes on former Basketball Wife Laura who has trouble letting her sensitive side show.


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