Is zac efron dating miley cyrus

She might have moved on to Zac Efron, but we reckon Michelle Rodriguez picked up one or two style tips from Cara Delevingne.

Miley Cyrus broke down crying in Vegas yesterday ...

while she performed a song rumored to be about her break up with Liam Hemsworth.

A report surfaced stating that Taylor Swift is deciding whether to go pop or country.

Taylor had a successful run on the country music scene.

“I would officially like to introduce the newest member of the Efron family (not Dylan, the van 😜).

We’ve got some fun in store but first, we need your help! Favorite name will get a shoutout on my insta story!!

She previously told Cosmopolitan: 'I'm attracted to manly men.

I can't do metrosexuals who get their nails done more than me.

Taylor Swift has been quietly crafting her comeback while Miley Cyrus is possibly entering her lane.

Taylor’s been hiding away in Nashville, Tennessee as she works on her new album.

And it looks like Miley Cyrus wants to cash in on the genre as well.

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