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French Montana starts looking pretty good, despite inching no closer to Eminem’s title at his peak.

Love is pain, and also blind, so sometimes these fans lose faith in the object of their admiration in the first place.

“F— the police comin’ straight from the underground/A young n—- got it bad ’cause I’m brown/And not the other color so police think/They have the authority to kill a minority/F— that s—, ’cause I ain’t the one/For a punk motherf—– with a badge and a gun/To be beatin’ on, and thrown in jail/We can go toe to toe in the middle of a cell!

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I have never heard of him in my life and I listen to hardcore "gansta" rap everyday. Dre This song made g-funk popular and is considered one of the most influential and greatest rap songs of all time. By far the best rap song if all time (in flow, beat, everything!

- Mason Ocker yo Nah y'all got this list all wrong.

There are few greater feelings than walking up to the batters box to the beat of your favorite song.

Staring into the opposing pitchers soul as you prepare to put on a laser show.

The nature of fandom is hyperbolic, so the decreasing favor of Eminem’s subsequent releases and his uncompromising nature toward maturity or sensitivity or updating his jokes has made him a relatively easy target.

So when the offense taken by fans gets personal, suddenly a goofy, out-of-step novelty like “We Made You” is one of the worst songs they’ve ever heard.His stunning performance over several games is so outstanding and fresh it seems to augur a new era in the history of this Miami franchise, and forces aging coach Tony D'Amato to reevaluate his time-tested values and strategies and begin to confront the fact that the game, as well as post-modern life may be passing him by.Adding to the pressure on D'Amato to win at any cost is the aggressive young President/Co-owner of the team, Christina Pagniacci, now coming into her own after her father's death.Over the past few days, a twitter feud broke out between two unlikely opponents: KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons, and Ice Cube, the legendary MC and lyricist of N. Both are multi-media personalities, multimillionaires and now, they’re both Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. Officially ranked the best goal song in the NHL and a nice walk up song.

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