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Today, the international community wants to reunite all of the Acropolis sculptures in Athens and restore both its physicality and meaning.The Acropolis, and the Parthenon in particular, is the most characteristic monument of the ancient Greek civilisation.Today, Corinth is the second largest city in the Peloponnese with several sites of interest to pilgrims and tourists.

It continues to stand as a symbol in many ways: it is the symbol of democracy and the Greek civilisation.

It also symbolises the beginning of the Western civilisation and stands as the icon of European culture.

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This overland route was highly valuable in that it allowed passengers and cargo to avoid the difficult and time-consuming trip around the southern end of the Peloponnese.

Being a leading naval power as well as a rich commercial city enabled ancient Corinth to establish coloniesin Syracuse on the island of Sicily and on Corcyra (modern Corfu).

Its commanding position on the Isthmus of Corinth, the narrow strip of land that separates the Peloponnese from northern Greece, was the primary basis of its importance.


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