Google latitude not updating location droid

I want to programm a GPS Positioner which is updating the position every 15 seconds.

google latitude not updating location droid-77

(and I don't use the 'F-bomb' lightly here), today Google announced that Maps is receiving a real-time location sharing feature.

You'll be able to share your location directly inside Maps, in real time, including navigation routes.

They have accomplished this be moving a huge swath of their features into Google through a series of slow, yet deliberate, moves.

Their latest update to Blogger allows you to use Google as a comment platform, while their review system for restaurants and businesses in Google Maps now requires a G account.

After a user's location is shared, their chosen contacts will see where they are within Google Maps, represented as a small face icon that moves in real-time according to where the sharer is located.

A small icon above the compass in the app will remind users that their location is being shared for the period of time they requested, but they can also choose to end sharing early.

Settings; public class Amazing Location extends Service implements Location Listener Sorry for a too late reply.

I get the current location in my app only after the google maps is updated first, whereas if I don't update the Google maps, my app isn't able to get the current location.

Google Latitude is the latest of those features, and here’s what you need to do in order to use the service after August 9.

Google now has an option labeled Location in the mobile app.

The “ You” at the top of every Google service implores you to either try out or come back to the young social network.


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