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In addition to his latest visual, Cam'ron is selling new merch, specifically the 10,000 Miles T-shirt, which the Harlem rep jokingly offers, "Cheat on your diet, not your girl." Cam also dons the funny T-shirt in his new video.

Remember when the NHL was teetering on the brink a few years back, the plan moving forward was to make the viewing experience “more pleasurable”, by bringing the fan closer to the action with more cameras in cool places. We’ll go out on a limb and say the Chicago Blackhawks knew the “Goal Cam” would afford onlookers a rather up-close, interesting view of the action, but no way did they realize just how provocative this camera angle could really get.

While the girl sideswiped three cars during the saga, none was seriously damaged and no one was hurt, KHOU reported.

SEE IT: Car dealership employee leads cops on high-speed chase The girl’s joyride ended in front of a local high school after cops got in touch with auto security company On Star, which was able to stall the speeding sedan, police said.

Police said Hill was driving a stolen car and fleeing a traffic stop when the crash occurred.

(Yorkville Police Department) Nichelle Hill, 17, of Dolton, died Jan.

She chose to stop along the right side of the road when a Yorkville police officer turned on his lights, signaling her to pull over because she was suspected of stealing packages from a nearby property.

Hill, 17, of Dolton, died after she crashed the stolen car she was driving during a pursuit through the city's Heartland subdivision, police said.

Dash-cam video of a Texas 12-year-old’s wild joyride in her grandma’s stolen car showed the pint-sized NASCAR wannabe weave through traffic at a harrowing 100 mph.

The preteen — who told cops she swiped granny’s keys so she could go see her boyfriend and took her 5-year-old sister along with her — was arrested Thursday evening after she led police on a 20-mile chase though Montgomery County.

The lead-footed tween narrowly dodged other drivers as she raced down the wrong side of Highway 105, dash-cam video showed.

She cut between lanes and drove on the shoulders at times.

Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge has a message for people who talk smack about his cops: Put up or shut up. Partridge said there has been a barrage of videos and comments on social media seeking to disparage good cops. "Effective this date it will be my policy that if you disrespect one of our officers and then file a false complaint or make false claims on social media, I will post the video footage of the contact on social media for the public to see.

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