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You have to register the birth of your child with us within 60 days if it was born in Queensland.The birth has to be registered before you can get the birth certificate. You get to walk into Nordstrom, where your mom would never take you, and congratulate yourself with one fabulous black leather skirt, and the heels to match. You get your first student loan bill, and look at all those numbers.

Don't even get me started on full-blown dinners, the movies, big nights out or the tiny little extras like stopping on the way home for a fancy hot chocolate. But, and this is a big one, that doesn't mean you can get away with never going out, getting presents, planning trips or talking on the phone.

Whatever is left over is how much you can actually afford to spend every month on night's out and frivolous purchases.

Continuing their credit whore policy it is common for a manager to go on the intercom and plea for customers to sign up for a credit card and describing the "benefits", these can last up to 3 minutes.

Even though the sounds emitting over the intercom can sound like nails on a chalkboard some would argue that its a better then the atrocious music that plays such favorites as "All in this Together" - Ben Lee One day on an 8 hour shift this song played a total of three times inducing nausea.

The cocktails cost twice as much as you paid when you still measured time by semesters and nights by cans of PBR. You move into his place, spruce it up by buying your first coffee table together. Your internship ends before you find a permanent job.

You’ve seen , and if anyone ever sexually harassed you at work, you’d tell him to fuck right off, throw your coffee in his face, and wave two middle fingers as you marched out the door. Your life turns into a stock photo tagged “young professionals”: you and your new work friends, hanging out at the bar across the street from the office.

In the case of female same-sex parents, only the birth mother can be named as the mother.

The de facto partner must be named as the other parent.

You can order your baby’s birth certificate when you register online—simply fill in the online birth registration form.

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