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I find a lot of it to be wrong, and no sources are cited. So it’s extremely unlikely the baby daddy landlord in this hypothetical scenario could simply make a residence available for the Section 8 program and then immediately rent it to the tenant of his choosing.

From what I understand less than 5% of the population abuses welfare, Pell grants barely cover college tuition and books. Does a mother of 2 really get $600 a month in food stamps? He’d typically have to wait years for his preferred renter (i.e., his girlfriend) to get on a Section 8 waiting list, then more years for her to work her way to the top of the list, before he could double-dip by getting the government to subsidize his girlfriend’s paying him rent to live in a house he owns.

According to Housing Department senior administrative assistant, Craig Smith, the waiting list will re-open with 600 people still on the list, “and we expect to add thousands by the time the list is closed back down, though there is no tentative date when that will happen.” The wait list was shut down on May 1, 2013, “because of sequestering of funds and budget cuts from the federal government,” in particular the federal department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD.

(Although it was attributed to “John Tabb,” an earlier version was credited to “Jeffery Rightmire.”) As is often the case with e-mail polemics focused on purported welfare abuse and taxpayer outrage, the “New American Way of Life” offers an implausible, far-fetched scenario to condemn those who use public assistance to make ends meet: 1. But getting onto that waiting list is no assurance that a person will move into Section 8 housing anytime soon.

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