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He transported the drug on his trucks from Montreal, which Jason Blossom figured out prior to his murder.

(Cliff masked Mustang's death as an overdose.) Cliff tried to implicate Hiram Lodge as the mastermind of the entire operation, but that plan pretty much went up in flames (as did Thornhill, but more on that in a minute).

Veronica and Archie come clean to Betty that they're now an item, but Betty doesn't seem to mind because she's happily involved with Jughead.

In her view, film and TV stars don't come close to the stature of the rock superstar, the last great compelling figure of our times.

The Queen frontman, however, perfectly fits the bill.

But they run into each other at a meadow and decide to be on the run together.

packed more twists and turns into its season one finale than perhaps any other teen drama.

But he is someone she thinks she hates, and hates her back. Sam doesn't believe him at first, but then changes her mind and agrees to move to a new country. With Carly out of town Sam is his only real option.

Find out how it's harder for Sam to become a princess than anyone could have ever imagined! Can they pass off as a couple, or totally ruin their friendship?

Of course, Archie secretly longs for Betty, but he convinces himself he can be just as happy with Veronica.


  1. Facebook, though, is determined to change this: today it unveiled a new research tool that the company hopes will spur progress in the march to create truly conversational AI.

  2. The Company complies with all federal, state, and local laws concerning the employment of persons with disabilities, including providing reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with a disability so they can perform the essential functions of a job unless doing so creates undue hardship.

  3. “Right now, the massive trend in Iran is to design and build structures with the goal of being recognized by the media,” says Hooman Koliji, associate professor of architecture, planning, and preservation at the University of Maryland.

  4. Leave the i Pod behind and invite your counterpart to join you in a jog.

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