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On the dropdown list, verify that Automatic is selected.When this option is set to automatic, Excel recalculates the spreadsheet’s formulas whenever you change a cell value.

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There is a total of five functions used for counting, predominantly in Excel.

These are namely the COUNT Function, the COUNTA Function, the COUNTIF Function, the COUNTIFS Function and the COUNTBLANK Function. An asset is defined as a resource with an inherent economic value that is owned by an individual, corporation or country which will yield future economic benefit. There are different types of interest rates and it is prudent for every investor or potential investor to know the differences between interest rates.

The FORMULATEXT Function is a new Excel function, which was introduced in Excel 2013 and later versions of Excel.

Using the FORMULATEXT Function will allow you to select any cell containing a formula and...

These are the most basic functions used when learning Excel.

VBA functions are built-in functions that are used in Excel's programming environment called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).The PV Function, FV Function, and PDURATION Function are all extremely useful financial functions.The Present Value (PV) Function is used to calculate the present value of a loan or an investment using a...Select the cell that is not recalculating and, on the Home ribbon, check the number format. When a cell is formatted as Text, Excel makes no attempt to interpret the contents as a formula.i wonder is there's a fix to my problem doing summation and formula in excel not updating the total when a figure is changed.If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, you can recalculate by pressing the F9 key.


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