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Surely, they must be doing other things together behind closed doors, sans large group.When tuning in to former "Hannah Montana" star Emily Osment's new ABC Family sitcom "Young & Hungry," which chronicles the adventures (and pratfalls) of food blogger turned personal chef Gabi Diamond (Osment), one truly can't help but think, "are you sure this is ABC ?

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who played alongside Bruce wills in the 99's famous movie "The Sixth Sense".

The oscar nominated actor took a long gap from Hollywood to complete his college education and now the young and handsome actor is back in the Big screens with many famous movies like The actor is once again showing his magic tricks on-stage. If you want to know all about his girlfriend and relationship then we are here with all of the answers.

The two dated on and off for almost four years and were even engaged for 15 months.

Now that Miley's a free agent, though, she's can canoodle with anyone her heart desires.

"I think that’s why we can get away with the things that we do; Gabi sleeping with Josh on the first night of work.

We get away with that because it's hilarious, and the way that everything folds out is hysterical." That being said, "Young & Hungry" still includes one of the most crucial elements to securing a young adult audience -- a potentially doomed love story, between a penny-counting chef and her tycoon boss (played by Jonathan Sadowski), in this case.

"It pushes the limits for ABC Family." However, Osment adds that any raunchy bits from the show (which is produced by "High School Musical" alum Ashley Tisdale) are put in there for good reason -- comedy.

"Whenever our writers write something a little risqué or sexy, it's never for the effect of it being sexy, it's always for the effect of it being funny," she explained.

She went on to co-star in the Emmy-nominated She also starred as Cassie in R. Stine's The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It and the Disney Channel Original Movie, Dadnapped as Melissa Morris.

Osment expanded her repertoire into pop music and alternative/indie rock where she has recorded teen pop hits like "I Don't Think About It", "If I Didn't Have You" alongside her Hannah Montana co-star Mitchel Musso, and "Once Upon a Dream".

The lead single "Let's Be Friends" was released on June 8, 2010 and the second single "Lovesick" was released on October 19, 2010.


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