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Our spy said, ‘They were laughing and watching basketball.

They were very flirtatious, enjoying drinks at a private table.’ They watched a game, left for a while, and came back for another game and more drinks.

Phelps and Pal were reportedly seen at a lounge in Las Vegas having a grand old time together.

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EXCLUSIVE: Nick Viall on Shawn and Kaitlyn, Tell-All Book!

But knowing who the runner-up is, there’s no denying she and Mr.

"She's there [in Maryland] meeting his family for the first time," a source close to Pal tells PEOPLE.

Along with dating Pal, a waitress at the Palms Casino Resort's Moon Nightclub, Phelps is spending time in Vegas working on his poker game.

PHOTOS: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel through the years "Baby, now I really know what we're fighting for," Timberlake sings.

"This rematch sex is amazing/ But nobody wins if somebody's heart is slow." In one particularly steamy scene, Timberlake and Keough have makeup sex in the kitchen following an explosive fight.

Though Ben may not know already, the mag says he won’t be shocked when he does, calling it “typical Nick behavior.” Then again, the current Season 20 star may already be in the loop, considering he and Nick just hung out at the Janner wedding a few weeks back.

In fact, it looks like their friendship is doing just fine, as Kaitlyn Bristowe’s exes just posted their adorable Backstreet Boys singalong from the aforementioned nuptials: this week he hasn’t dipped into the Bachelor Nation dating pool.

They left together and ‘seemed to be having a lot of fun.’ Uh oh.

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