Dating us patent numbers

In the “PATENTS” menu there is a “Patent Search” link, which displays the page shown in the image below: Patents prior to 1976, which includes vintage jewelry patents, are scanned images in PDF format stored in the Full-Page Images database.

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It is a small download: Please visit our other pages.

A patent date is when something was patented, not when it was actually made, many items were manufactured for many years after it the patent was granted.

The documents provide illustrations (which are works of art in themselves), and filing and issue dates. It’s a great way to locate vintage jewelry patents when you know the patent number.

You can access it here: USPTO Online Patent Database.

Jewelry patents then ceased, because the patents were no longer needed.

Vintage jewelry patents are a wonderful way to date vintage jewelry that was created prior to 1955. Patent and Trademark Office has an extensive database of patents dating back to 1790.

The user should note that while the data in this table have been checked, it still is possible that inadvertent errors remain.

A detailed Patent Technology Monitoring Team report, titled Issue Dates and Patent Numbers Since 1836, which contains first patent numbers and the day of issue for patents issued since 1963, also may be of interest. Patent and Trademark Office Electronic Information Products Division - PTMT P.

The number for each year is the first design patent issued that year. Design patents refer to any new ornamental design for an item.

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