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Fuel up at Shell station with your Shell branded fuel card*, or purchase selected non-fuels offer at a designated amount to redeem a car model from the series.

Upon filing, the invented product can start to be marketed.

However, after such exposure to the public or after the publication of the patent application anywhere, most further filing in additional foreign countries must be made within 12 months of filing date of the first ever application with a claim for Paris Convention or WTO priority.

"It’s important for me to be vocal about who I am, to show people that models aren’t all slutty and we’re not always at the club every night.

“You can be an intelligent, spiritual and well-rounded woman.

If a new invention prior to its filing date or priority date claimed in its Hong Kong application is already part of existing technology or has been exposed, exhibited, published or other disclosed to the public, then the invention may have lost its novelty.

If a new invention is neither obvious to or foreseeable by a person skilled in the related technology after looking at the current state of the arts in that field, then that new invention can be seen as possessing inventive step.

Photographs of the pair of them together show the British banker looking much slimmer than he did on Monday in court, but Ms Dyer’s modeling agent confirmed that she had been in a relationship with Mr Jutting for several years, and that it had been “recent”.

Last night he was inviting bids for exclusive access to interview Ms Dyer.

It’s in perfect condition, says Phillips's Butros.

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