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Only one needs to get the information wrong to spell disaster.” Pearl knows this topic all too well — his own father died because his doctors all assumed an important vaccination had been administered by someone else.Medical providers do better financially when they make mistakes in patient care — because they get paid again to fix the problem.

If a pastor is a good entertainer for his church will be seen on TV many became millionaires some with a corporate jet, all selling a popular story people want to hear.

Money attracts prophecy teachers to sell expensive opinionated books meant for the Apocalypse connoisseurs projected always in the future.

Health-care providers are paid by insurance companies on a “fee-for- service” basis — they perform a service, they get paid.

But this fails to account for whether that service did any good.

American Christians are a peculiar bunch, most are well off and easily persuaded by anyone as long the Bible is massaged to what they want to hear.

The Apostle Paul had the same problem going from church to church to his grief constantly had to wake up a congregation and warn them being misled by wolf people in sheep clothing hurting the flock.

diff, causes 14,000 deaths per year, making “decontamination of hands, rooms and hospital surfaces an absolute necessity,” and yet, “at least one-third of the time, doctors fail to wash their hands between patient visits.” The average American sees “19 different doctors in their lifetime.” This makes clear why paper records — which are still relied on, Pearl writes, by “about 50 percent of all doctors” — are a problem.

“If you are like most patients, this amounts to 19 different physicians asking you about your allergies, medications and test results.

“Among developed countries, the United States has the highest infant mortality rate, the lowest life expectancy and the most preventable deaths per capita.” Pearl’s book shows why this is, and how we can affect positive change.

Here are some of his more disturbing charges: A 1999 study found that “98,000 people die in hospitals each year due to medical error.” But that figure soars closer to 200,000 annually when you include “doctors who fail to communicate effectively with their colleagues, doctors and nurses who dole out the wrong medications, and doctors who are responsible for causing or spreading hospital infections.” The leading cause of death for US hospital patients “isn’t heart attack or stroke, but infection,” and one cause is “doctors, nurses and other hospital staff failing to wash their hands as they go from one patient’s room to the next.” Pearl writes that one bacterium, C.

The dishes here at the Pearl of India Restaurant are among the finest in Indian cuisine, dating back to the days of Moghul rulers and Maharajahs (around 1300 A. Their choice, quality and taste make this restaurant ‘The Pearl’ of Indian restaurants in North America.

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