Dating anthony

The TV5 actress-turned-Kapamilya star came from a failed relationship.

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However, when I had the chance to interview Guy over the phone recently, I learned that he doesn’t always have it as easy as it may appear.

During our conversation, he discussed life as a gay black man, living with HIV, and dealing with his difficult past as a sexual abuse victim.

The theme of the conference was thriving while living with your illness or diagnosis, and that is exactly what Guy has chosen to do.

From the outside looking in, it seems as though he does this effortlessly.

While she’s figuring out her next step in the relationship, the former VJ, 38, says she only has eyes on herself.

Just recently, the two made a buzz online after they were spotted together.

Arci Muñoz was previously linked to Daniel Matsunaga, who’s also an ex-boyfriend of Erich and said the reason why the latter broke up with Anthony.

Arci Muñoz also shared the reason why, as much as possible, she must not be linked to her fellow star.

actress opened up to Wendy Williams about the status of her two month separation from her NBA player husband who allegedly cheated on her.


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