Dating a girl four years younger

My parents are 2 years apart, and although that’s a huge difference for a teenager it’s not such a big deal for them. Those are two different worlds, making it very hard to relate to him.

And I would want my girlfriend to be pretty no matter what her age is. The same interests are important, but so is the same level of maturity.

Older men, it seems to me, are like gold dust on the dating scene right now.

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I think that it’s more important that we have something in common and it’s more likely that we’re going to have that connection if we’re the same age.

Honestly, it would be weird say if a random girl started talking to me in the hallway, but it is weird to not talk to someone just because they’re younger than you.

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he was not interested in having his own children, he advised that he would have considered a woman as old as 50 for a potential partner.

He felt that a woman 13 years his senior is still in his peer group and would not be old enough to be his own mother (well, I guess she "could" have been old enough to be his mother - but not likely).

She had her 6th birthday several days before giving birth.

Pantueva's parents did not want the obstetricians to perform a cesarean section, as it was considered dangerous at the time.

I have a huge crush on two of my best friends and they like each other,one is two years older than me while the other is one year older than me.

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