Curtis stone dating history

However, the current Water System Project archaeologists maintain that the system dates to the MBA: Pottery found by the archaeologists during the 2015 season seems to support the MBA dating.

The project’s pottery specialist noticed “a clear transition from Late Bronze Age pottery to Middle Bronze Age pottery dating between 18 B.

The Gezer water system was first excavated from 1902–19–1909 by Irish archaeologist R. When excavation of the Gezer water system resumed a few years ago, William G.

Dever, long-time director of excavations at Tel Gezer beginning in the 1960s and a towering figure in his field, suggested that the water system dated to the Late Bronze Age (LBA) or the Iron Age.

Stone has been used to make a wide variety of different tools throughout history, including arrow heads, spearpoints and querns.

Stone tools may be made of either ground stone or chipped stone, and a person who creates tools out of the latter is known as a flintknapper.

If the goal of the reduction strategy is to produce flakes, the remnant lithic core may be discarded once it has become too small to use.

In some strategies, however, a flintknapper reduces the core to a rough unifacial or bifacial preform, which is further reduced using soft hammer flaking techniques or by pressure flaking the edges.

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New evidence indicates that the water system at Tel Gezer, located in the western Shephelah in Israel, may have been built by Canaanites in the Middle Bronze Age (MBA) (c. In contrast, the water system at Tel Gezer has now been dated by project archaeologists to a much earlier period—the MBA—with a date as early as 2000 B. In fact, this should not be surprising, since Gezer is also the site of massive fortifications and other structures dating to the MBA—in addition to the Iron Age monumental architecture of Biblical fame. but remained a small settlement until the MBA, when massive fortifications were constructed throughout the site, including stone walls, possibly several stone towers, a glacis and a large gate on the south side of the west hill.

The evidence was discovered during the 2015 excavation season by archaeologists with the Tel Gezer Water System Project, according to an article in the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) publication Archaeologists disagree as to the precise dating of the fortifications at Hazor, Megiddo and Gezer that likely inspired this Biblical reference, but most of the structures clearly belong to the Iron Age.

A stone tool is, in the most general sense, any tool made either partially or entirely out of stone.

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