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Yes, it’s been covered before, (even linked to in the comments of the previous posts,) but I’m going to put my own flavour on it.By the time we’re done, you’ll see how similar it is to working with non-Excel files.I got a comment on a previous post today, which made me realize I’d promised this but never posted it.

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Hi there, My problem is to that I'm trying to gather data from multiple workbooks (I have 600) and get it into one master worksheet.

All the file names are different but are in one folder.

Maybe you’ve had success with shared workbooks, and I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

For me, the limitations far outweigh the benefits, and there’s usually another way to accommodate multiple users.

Consolidating data is a useful way to combine data from different sources into one report.

For example, if you have a Pivot Table report of expense figures for each of your regional offices, you can use a data consolidation to roll up these figures into a corporate expense report.For example, you can’t add any of the following features, and in some cases you can’t even change the existing items: If you do need to create a shared workbook, check the list of restricted features, and make sure you have everything set up exactly the way you want it, before you share the file.Test everything after you share the file, because things might not work the way they did before. Find out exactly what the workbook’s purpose is, and why multiple people need to use it.Have you ever been stuck when you have to combine multiple workbooks into a single workbook in Excel?The most terrible thing is that the workbook you need to combine contains multiple worksheets. Close Filename = Dir() Loop End Sub Tip: In the above code, you can change the path to the one that you are using.4.Can anyone suggest a good way to handle this problem? Then click button to run the code, and all of the worksheets (including the blank worksheets) within the workbooks have been merged into the master workbook.

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