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He’s a physician who is known for being ethical and compassionate.

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Interestingly, other traditional ways of meeting partners – work, college, family, school, neighbours – are also in deep decline.

Meanwhile, online dating has boomed in the last 15 years, and now nearly a third of new relationships start online.

Caring for one another is the responsibility of the whole Church and is an extension of the justice and love of the Incarnate God disclosed in Jesus Christ. The clergy should enable other members of the worshipping community to share in this pastoral care, ensuring that they are recruited safely, and have the appropriate training and supervision for the tasks involved, including current training in safeguarding in accordance with the guidance issued by the House of Bishops.

(See also 2.9) Clergy should seek to ensure that churchwardens, PCCs and the wider congregation understand their responsibilities and roles in making every church a safe place for all.

Thus nothing in these Guidelines should be read as suggesting that clergy stand outside the rule of criminal or civil law.

Indeed, any concern about possible criminal behaviour, and in particular any information about abuse or risk of abuse will be reported by the Church authorities to the police.

There was only one thing he expected in return for all of this service—he wanted to be my friend.

When the time came for me to leave the church, Jack was devastated.

Around 45% of single adults have tried dating sites, and it’s growing all the time.

It’s not limited to younger people – those over the age of 55 are increasingly going online to meet people, while those aged 16-24 favour dating apps (on their phones). So it’s no surprise that many Christians join dating websites in the hope of finding love.

In the UK, the church landscape is largely characterised by small churches that have little regular contact with other Christian communities, so people just aren’t getting the opportunities to meet potential partners.

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