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Sheep needed to be herded and guarded, leading to larger human settlements (and work for the recently domesticated dog). Dry stone walls are found wherever stone is abundant or the weather too rough for hedges.

The Latin for sheep, ovis, and the English ewe both emerge from the Sanskrit avi, which has its roots in av, meaning “to guard or protect”. On the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland, three islands covering less than 18 square miles contain 1,500 miles of dry stone wall (stretched end to end, they’d reach half way to America).

Then cleansing hop bitterness, bready middle, dry finish. O) Dales Pale is the #1 APA, but this is solid effort. Fizzy, hazy, orange/golden body with a coarse white head, a few bands of stick lace. Finish: Dry with a strong grassy bitterness lingers with a touch of grapefruit that pops up retronasally.

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S) Large citrus aroma, with marmalade, caramel, and woody hops. Much more of a grassy quality than the fruitiness that appears in the aroma.

T) Clean balance of caramel malt and woody and citrus hop. Mouthfeel: Body is on the lighter side but not thin, with a low to moderate carbonation.

APA my fave style, or which Dales is the bench mark. not better than ZD as some have claimed tho 16oz draft pour into a pint glass has a bright clear honey colored body and floats a thin cap of white head. Appearance: Deep golden, clear, with a low lying white head.

A) Muted, clear orange body with 1 finger head and no lace. Pine aroma dominates with grapefruit and citrus pith. Mouthfeel is a medium with active carbonation bubbles rising. Aroma: Grapefruit and tropical fruit hop aromas, with some pineapple. Taste: Light crackery maltiness with a moderately strong grassy and resinous hop bitterness.

I recognize that look of panic in your eyes because I worked as a Victoria’s Secret sales associate for three years.

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