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The information presented was collected from 23,380 households across the country over a period of 12 months (2014/2015).

The total figures are therefore an estimate based on the data provided.

According to the LCS report, the average income in South Africa is approximately R138,168 per annum, with the biggest portion derived primarily from work.

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FOOD AND HABITAT: Lions are powerful animals that usually stalk and hunt their chosen prey in coordinated groups.

Unfortunately they are only able to run fast in short bursts, which means they need to be as close to their prey as possible before attacking.

And now there are only 3 individuals left on earth – all of them in captivity. GENERAL: The white rhinoceros is the second largest land mammal after the elephant.

stands about 1,1 m (3,7 feet) at the shoulder and weighs 120 to 250 kg (264 to 551 pounds), with males being larger than females.

The data shows that white South Africans still command the highest average incomes in the country at approximately R444,446 a year.

This is over 1.5 times greater than Indians/Asians at R271,621 per year, and almost 5 times more than black South Africans, at R92,893 per year. Black South Africans account for just over 80% of the country’s current population while white South Africans make up a little over 8%.

The lifespan of a male lion is about 10 years, as they compete rigorously for territories and females and often get killed by one another in the process.

Thanks to the protection of the males, females can reach about 14 years.

Statistics South Africa has released its Living Conditions of Households in South Africa survey, detailing the average annual income of South Africans.

The LCS has two primary objectives, firstly to provide statistical information on household consumption expenditure patterns to inform the updating of the consumer price index (CPI), and secondly to report on poverty levels and patterns.

One such field that's being affected by this is obstetrics Additional info: This is one of the topics being discussed at the RCOG 2017 Conference- currently underway at the CTICC (20-22 March) (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille is seeking an urgent interdict to stop to stop people rebuilding at fire-ravaged Imizamo Yethu – but surely they need to provide proper temporary housing if they are looking to delay the process of allowing residents to start the rebuild?

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