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If you can drag yourself away from the serenity of Old Bahama Bay, there are many beautiful and fun things to do on Grand Bahama Island.

Activities on the island can be as relaxing or as energetic as you like.

The name "Lucayan" is an Anglicization of the Spanish Lucayos, derived in turn from the Taino Lukku-Cairi (which the people used for themselves), meaning "people of the islands".

(The Taino word for "island", cairi, became cayo in Spanish and "cay" Some crania and artifacts of "Ciboney type" were reportedly found on Andros Island, but if some Ciboney did reach the Bahamas ahead of the Lucayans, they left no known evidence of occupation.

The Lucayans were the first inhabitants of the Americas encountered by Christopher Columbus.

The Spanish started seizing Lucayans as slaves within a few years of Columbus's arrival, and they had all been removed from the Bahamas by 1520.

Learn about the history of the Freed Slaves dating back to 1834 as we drive through the settlement of Freetown.

We also visit the actual site where Pirates of The Caribbean 2 and 3 were filmed. Western Eco & Sightseeing Tour - The best way to explore the western communities of Grand Bahama!

Roberts released a letter written by Mackey to the comptroller of customs on April 18, 2013 stating; “I, Rickey Mackey, of Harbour Island, Eleuthera, owe the Bahamas Customs Department ,789.20 for Eleuthera Petroleum”.


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