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These tropes can be found in representations in media, comments that harass us sexually and racially, and ways we’re constructed via laws and policy.

Imagined as decorative object or a toy, these tropes commodify Asian women into passive objects – made to be seen, played with, or touched, but not heard. The emphasis of these stereotypes on submission and docility imagines them as without agency and without the capacity to give consent.

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When survivors of rape are dismissed, disbelieved, and told they were “asking for it.”When Asian women are stereotyped as “submissive” and “exotic.” When fetishes for Asian women get reduced to and perceived as, “Well, why is it a problem that you’re told you’re all so beautiful and delicate?

It’s a compliment.”All of the above are examples of rape culture ― cultural practices that excuse or tolerate sexual violence by ignoring, trivializing, or normalizing it.

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There is some overlap here with what South Asian, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and Muslim women experience, but these communities have unique experiences that go beyond the scope of this piece.

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