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Alice in Wonderland is a Game Boy Color game released in 2000 by Nintendo and Digital Eclipse Software.

It is based on the 1951 Disney film of the same name (which in turn is based on a novel).

In his article "Alice on the Stage," Carroll wrote "And the White Rabbit, what of him? The panic the rabbit showed was his fear of losing his head.

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Features Oliver White, Lance Dalton, Elliot von Hart, Clark Alwin, Jack Burward, and Noah Smit. Wonderland Days: A Fanfic Chapter 1: Day One It was a warm and sunny day in my hometown as I, Ashley, sat upon a hill with my childhood friend, Noah. I quickly walked over to the hole and peered down into it. It was then I felt some of the ground break apart below me, and I slipped into the hole. I fell for little while more before I hit the ground. I sat up on my knees and rubbed it so that the pain could go away faster. I looked round quickly and pulled it off the bush, and held it up to myself. I quickly looked around and when I saw that no one was around, I stuffed the white dress into my side bag 'Oliver may be right about surface people being thieves' I thought I set off out of the room and decided to run, since I was feeling hyped up.

It was a normal day, and Noah and I were just talking about different, and random, things."Remember how we always came here when we were kids, Ashley? When I decided enough pain had left, I decided to look and, and to my (embarrassing) surprise, I saw the rabbit-eared boy looking down at me with a look of confusion on his face."Eh? I didn't pay attention to where I was going, but I stopped in a room when I saw something shiny on the ground. I tossed the key into my side bag and spent the next twenty minutes trying to get out of the maze.

--Lost memories are the key to solve the mysterious tale.“My Alice, I’ve been waiting for you for so long.”“I told you, I’m not Alice! About NTT Solmare Corporation NTT Solmare is one of the largest Japanese digital contents providers in Japan including Digital Book (e-Book) Enterprise and Game Enterprise. " has gained support from 166 countries, having average review score of 4.4/5.0 in i Tunes App Store as of November 2016.

” --Although having a real name, residents in Wonderland call you “Alice”. Game popularity keeps increasing with great reputation from customers.

The story reflects that of the movie and in it you'll control the character Alice.

She'll help the various characters that appeared in the movie.

Stuck there due to a trick by the mysterious bunny-eared man, she meets the residents of this world.

In the world, everyone starts taking to a liking to her at some point due to her being a foreigner.

The captivating art work is suggestive of beautiful Japanese animation, which instantly takes you to a fascinating world.


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