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The Product Feed Debug Tool allows you to paste in a product feed and validate the feed for errors and warnings, without creating an upload session or adding products to your product catalog.

This is helpful in early stages of integration when you don’t have a product catalog yet and don’t have a fully flushed out feed yet.

The add-on Sites Catalog will list all the Google Sites a user has access to.

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Zotero organizes your research into collections that act like i Tunes playlists.

Research items can be added to any number of named collections and subcollections, which in turn can be organized however you like.

Each product catalog can have multiple product sets.

Product sets are defined by filters in a product catalog and are created at campaign setup.

A product catalog in Business Manager holds a file that contains a list of all the products you want to advertise. Each line of the product catalog contains a description of each product, including an ID, name, category, availability, product URL, image URL and other product attributes.

A unique identifier for this item (which can be a variant for a product).You can add PDFs, images, audio and video files, snapshots of web pages, and really anything else.Zotero automatically indexes the full-text content of your library, enabling you to find exactly what you're looking for with just a few keystrokes.The tag selector enables you to filter your library instantly to view matching items.Zotero can even use database and library data to tag items automatically as you add them.From behind your TV to under your computer, they’ll help you end the cable chaos.


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